When it comes to industrial services there are plenty of choices out there. And everyone wants to work with a reliable, experienced contractor who offers exceptional value, but frankly, good contractors are hard to find.

At MultiService Industrial, we built our company on a commitment to “Doing It Right.” We know how important it is to provide quality insulation and facility services that fit the customer’s budget.

Get to know us better and see for yourself why MultiService Industrial is a cut above the rest.

Who is MultiService?

Multiservice team standing together in front a convoy of trucksMultiService Industrial offers a range of technical services backed by an unwavering dedication to safety and quality. In 2018 our parent company, Scaffolding Solutions, recognized the demand for bundled facility services and formed the wholly-owned subsidiary, MultiService Industrial.

Staffed with highly-capable personnel, our core values are:

Safety: We integrate industry-leading safety practices into all of our industrial and commercial services.

On-time: Defining expectations upfront is key to ensuring we hit your milestones on schedule.

On budget: Through careful scheduling and precise specifications, we ensure project work is delivered as planned.

Based in Richmond, Virginia, MultiService Industrial is proud to serve customers throughout Virginia and the Carolinas.

Our Services

Working with MultiService Industrial means no more dealing with a different contractor for each task. Because of our wide range of offerings, you’ll enjoy streamlined project execution and simplified communication.

The main services we offer include industrial insulation, along with fully-qualified scaffolding services, heat tracing, and pipe coatings and painting.

Industrial insulation

Insulation supports a variety of industries and applications, from chemical processing to power generation. MultiService provides piping insulation for facilities as well as mechanical rooms, including chilling and heating equipment.

Our industry-leading expertise includes design, sourcing, and installation. Whether you’re a commercial, industrial, or mechanical customer, we’ll deliver an insulation solution that fits your needs.


MultiService’s certified scaffold builders supply innovative Turner OCTO® scaffolding systems, specifically engineered to require fewer parts while safely handling weight capacities equivalent to other systems.

Heat tracing

Pipes, vessels, and other equipment must be functional even when exposed to cold weather. Heat tracing keeps your system running warm, no matter how cold it gets.

Coatings & painting

You can prevent corrosion and extend the life of pipes, vessels, and ducts with MultiService coatings & painting services. Our experts will determine what you need most and provide a solution that maximizes the long-term value.

Our Expertise

Our insulation technicians have decades of experience with equipment rooms, piping, and power generation. With both passion and skill, we’ll help you achieve the consistent, high-quality production output your process deserves.

Our expertise includes:

  • Inspection – Insulation decays over time, but the rate of deterioration is unpredictable. We can inspect your existing system and evaluate its condition.
  • Repair & Upkeep – Degraded insulation must be addressed to keep your process at peak output. Our technicians can repair and restore insulation for industrial piping, vessels, and equipment.
  • Selection – Not sure what type of insulation materials to use? The experts at MultiService will evaluate your specific application to identify the most effective insulation.
  • Innovation – We bring you the latest technology, including superior materials that can extend the lifetime of your industrial insulation.


Our “Safety First” slogan is part of the operating philosophy at MultiService Industrial. For us, safety isn’t just a word—safe work practices are at the core of our business, no matter the task.

We’re proud to have been recognized for our industry-leading safety efforts. Our achievements include:

  • Virginia Manufacturers Association Gold Safety Award, three years in a row
  • 2019 VMA Chairman’s Safety Award, ranking number one of nearly 100 candidates

The MultiService Industrial Advantage

Plenty of contractors hope to deliver quality services at an exceptional value, but at MultiService Industrial, we live our motto of “Doing It Right.”

No matter your industry or process, you can count on us for superior quality, safety, and reliability. With our convenient bundling options, you’ll have expert personnel on the job, whether it’s for industrial insulation, scaffolding, heat tracing, coating, or painting.

Ready to experience the MultiService advantage for yourself?

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