HVAC InsulationQuality insulation is essential—whether you’re going for LEED® certification in a new building or retrofitting an existing structure for lower energy costs and better comfort.

MultiService Industrial installs and upgrades insulation on ductwork, plumbing, and HVAC piping in commercial buildings. That helps reduce energy consumption, condensation, and extends HVAC equipment life. It can also cut noise transmission and improve fire protection.

We can support all of your commercial insulation needs—from planning and constructing a new building to renovating an existing one.

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Industries We Serve

Multiservice works with a wide range of commercial industries, such as:

Retail—Improve the comfort levels of your customers while increasing the energy efficiency of your building.

Restaurant—Reduce cooling and heating costs while providing your patrons with a quiet dining experience.

Hospitality—Give your hotel and motel guests a reason to write a 5-star review—thanks in part to increased levels of comfortability.

Warehouse—Nobody likes working in a hot or cold environment. Improve the productivity levels of your warehouse workers while maintaining the integrity of your products with commercial insulation.

Corporate/office—A properly insulated office can help improve morale while creating a comfortable and ideal work environment.

Benefits of Commercial Insulation

There are many benefits to commercial insulation for your warehouse, office, hotel/motel, retail shop, or restaurant:

Better Air Quality

Help seal the envelope with commercial building insulation. It will more efficiently allow fresh air to enter and poor-quality air to exit.

Improved Comfort and Productivity

Commercial insulation provides your employees with a consistent level of comfort throughout their workday. It allows them to focus on their jobs—instead of thinking about how hot or cold the office/warehouse feels.

Noise Control

Adding new sound control insulation to your commercial building can help prevent internal and external noise from disrupting operations. Employees are also more productive in quieter environments that present fewer acoustic distractions.

Environmental sustainability

Reduce the carbon footprint of your building with commercial insulation. Some types of insulation can also minimize toxic and harmful emissions found in the air, such as outside pollution.

Commercial Insulation Applications

The following are just a few examples of the many different types of commercial insulation applications:

HVAC duct insulation

Heat is expensive, so why let it escape through uninsulated HVAC ducting? That’s money leaking away, and it could also prompt complaints from chilly tenants or occupants. Well-insulated ducts can significantly reduce energy consumption, and the HVAC fans won’t need to work so hard.

Pipe insulation

Wrap your pipes and reduce energy consumption and cold/heat loss with commercial insulation.

Storage tank insulation

Storage tank insulation allows for consistent year-round temperatures and improved product viability.

Chilled water pipe/chiller pipe insulation

Maintain optimal performance with chilled/chiller water pipe insulation.

Mechanical room sound insulation

Sound insulation for your mechanical room improves acoustical performance and safety for your workers. It can also help reduce noise levels as per OSHA regulations.

Cold storage insulation

Keep your products at a consistent, year-round temperature with cold storage insulation.

Types of Insulation for Commercial Buildings

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to insulation. In your commercial building, you’ll find many options available depending on your space, budget, and preferences. Here are a few common choices:

  • Polyisocyanurate: Polyiso is a closed-cell, rigid foam board insulation bonded to facers on both sides, which are composed of various organic and inorganic materials. It is used in roof, wall, ceiling, and specialty applications within commercial and residential buildings of all types.
  • Rock Wool: Also known as mineral wool, this insulation option consists of high-density mineral wool. It is often used to insulate industrial pipes and water heater tanks.
  • Fiberglass Blanket: This is a go-to option, also known as batt insulation or roll insulation. It consists of layers of fiberglass placed between two pieces of paper or cardboard. It’s primarily used between wall and floor joists and beams.
  • Fiberglass Board: This is similar to the fiberglass blanket but is composed of a fiberglass board. It’s frequently used to insulate HVAC ductwork.
  • Spray Foam: Spray foam insulation is sprayed into spaces using special pressurized equipment. It’s a semi-liquid foam that becomes a dense sealant when dry.
  • Loose-Fill Insulation: This insulation option is composed of cellulose or fiberglass pellets. You can also spray it into spaces. Its loose shape makes it useful when insulating oddly shaped areas or those that don’t fit traditional insulation well.

Specialty Commercial Insulation Options

MultiService can plan, source, and install insulation that’s unique and specific to your application. We specialize in solving tough challenges that will help improve energy efficiencies, reduce noise levels, and maintain ideal temperatures.

Why MultiService?

MultiService provides our customers with high-quality, efficient, and cost-effective commercial insulation and installation services. We strive to treat each job as if it were our very own—we accomplish this through our dedication to customer service, strict safety culture, and an enthusiastic team of highly trained employees.

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