Large frozen pipe with icecycles


When the weather turns cold, the snow and ice can wreak havoc on your pipes, systems, and equipment. You don’t have to let your systems fall victim to these conditions. Instead, use heat trace services for temperature maintenance to protect them from the harshest, coldest weather they might face.

At MultiService, we listen to your needs, ask detailed questions, and help design an optimal heat trace product specific for maintaining the functioning of your critical processes and power requirements.

What is heat tracing?

It provides freeze protection for tools and systems that are more susceptible to damaging weather conditions. It can be used on equipment, pipes, vessels, and other systems to prevent heat loss and keep them running correctly.

If you don’t have a solution preventing your systems from freezing, it can lead to damage and costly repairs or even safety issues if the water isn’t running properly or the frozen pipes crack or explode.

How heat tracing works

Electric heat trace maintains or raises the temperature of the systems before they drop too low in temperature and freeze. This is done by using a self-regulating polymer designed for control and monitoring of the wattage of the element.

As the temperature drops, the polymer allows heat-producing current to flow. On the other hand, as the temperature increases, the polymer allows less of the heat-producing current to flow.

How we perform a heat trace

  1. We megaohm the trace on the roll.
  2. After the trace is installed on the pipe, it is once again ohm’ed before the insulation is applied.
  3. It is tested again once the insulation is installed. Redundant? Yes—but critical to ensuring the heat trace was not compromised.
  4. Full documentation is provided to show the professionally installed and validated system on your site.

What industries rely most on heat tracing?

Since many industries can relate to freezing pipes, equipment, and systems, the industries that rely on heat tracing to prevent their systems from freezing and keep them up and running is extensive.

Some industries that rely most on heat tracing include

  • Oil and gas
  • Electrical power
  • Transportation
  • Residential buildings
  • Municipal and institutional buildings
  • Hospitals
  • Educational establishments
  • Office complexes

Keep your system running with electric heat trace

MultiService is committed to helping you prevent the freezing of your pipes, equipment, and system with heat trace. Our engineers can custom design and install the solution that will keep your systems running while minimizing energy usage and costs. Our core values of putting safety first, finishing projects on time, and staying on budget extend to these services as well.

We invite you to get an estimate for protective heat trace services for your business systems.

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