MultiService Industrial designs, installs, upgrades, and repairs insulation for tanks, pipes, vessels, and other process equipment. If you have damaged or ineffective insulation, it could be costing you a tremendous amount of money.

Our industrial insulation services help minimize costs while reducing process variability, which is important for improved quality control and increased profits.

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Industrial Insulation BenefitsMultiService works with companies in a wide range of industries:

Manufacturing—Lower ambient air temperatures, reduce noise levels, and improve worker safety in your manufacturing plant.

Power generation—Keep the heat out and increase the lifespan of your power plant equipment.

Petrochemical—Prevent heat transfer, reduce process variability, and protect equipment located near heat sources.

Chemical processing—Protect the lives of your workers, equipment, and products with our high-heat insulation products.

Benefits of Industrial Insulation

Adding, replacing, or repairing Industrial insulation for your manufacturing, power generation, petrochemical, or chemical processing plant offers multiple benefits:


Hot pipes, sub-zero equipment, and noisy machinery can present a significant safety hazard for your workers. Industrial acoustic insulation can lower noise levels and shields them from accidentally coming into contact with dangerous surfaces.


Old or damaged insulation can cause process variations and quality control issues in chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing plants. New insulation can also lower ambient air temperatures in factories or plants.


Poor or damaged insulation that allows the equipment to operate at higher-than-normal temperatures can significantly reduce the overall lifespan of expensive industrial machinery.

Environmental sustainability

Industrial insulation can also help improve the energy efficiency of your plant and lower harmful environmental emissions, such as:

  • Sulfur dioxide
  • Volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • Carbon monoxide
  • Exhaust fumes

Industrial Insulation Applications

Below you’ll find just a few of the many industrial insulation applications:

Pipe insulation

Proper pipe insulation helps protect workers, reduces process variability, and helps to prevent dangerous emissions.

Chilled water pipe/chiller pipe insulation

Keep your chilled water pipes at the ideal operating temperatures.

Mechanical room sound insulation

Lower your worker’s permissible noise exposure limits below the OSHA-mandated 90 dBa per eight-hour day.

Cryogenic pipe insulation (or insulation for cryogenic systems)

Cryogenic systems require very specific temperatures to operate—industrial insulation helps keep your pipes chilled and equipment running smoothly.

Storage tank insulation

Protect your storage tanks from leaking potentially dangerous or harmful chemicals into the environment.

HVAC duct insulation

Lower your energy bills and provide a more comfortable work/life environment for your building’s occupants.

Cold storage insulation

Industrial insulation will help prevent the contents of your cold storage from reaching unsafe temperatures.

Types of Insulation for Industrial Buildings

There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to insulation products. You will find several options available for your commercial or industrial facility based on your space, budget, and preferences. Here are a few common choices:

  • Calcium Silicate: This is a naturally derived lightweight chalky substance used for high-temperature and fire protectant insulation applications in industrial facilities. It is available in preformed blocks, pipes, and boards and can safely withstand temperatures up to 1200°F (650°C).
  • Polyisocyanurate: Polyiso is a closed-cell, rigid foam board insulation that is bonded to facers on both sides, which are composed of various organic and inorganic materials. It is used in roof, wall, ceiling, and specialty applications within commercial and residential buildings of all types.
  • Rock Wool: Also known as mineral wool, this insulation option consists of high-density mineral wool. It is often used to insulate industrial pipes and water heater tanks.
  • Fiberglass Blanket: This is a go-to option, also known as batt insulation or roll insulation. It consists of layers of fiberglass placed between two pieces of paper or cardboard. It’s primarily used as blanket insulation between wall and floor joists and beams.
  • Fiberglass Board: This is similar to the fiberglass blanket but is composed of a fiberglass board. It’s frequently used to insulate HVAC ductwork.
  • Spray Foam: Spray foam insulation is sprayed into spaces using special pressurized equipment. It’s a semi-liquid foam that becomes a dense sealant when dry.
  • Loose-Fill Insulation: This insulation option is composed of cellulose or fiberglass pellets. You can also spray it into spaces. Its loose shape makes it useful when insulating oddly shaped areas or those that don’t fit traditional insulation well.

Specialty Industrial Insulation Options

MultiService can plan, design, and install insulation that’s unique and specific for your application. Increase the performance of your equipment, protect your workers, and improve process viability with specialty industrial insulation options from MutliService.

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