150ft Challenge: MultiService Soars on Dominion Energy Project

At Multi-Service Industrial, we take great pride in our ability to tackle the complex challenges of industrial insulation while always prioritizing safety and delivering exceptional results. We recently got to rise to the challenge of a large-scale project with Dominion Energy. Despite being initially hired for different tasks, we were able to demonstrate our problem-solving capabilities and versatility, coming up with critical solutions for the task and successfully working with Atlantic Constructors Inc (ACI) to complete the project. Our role? Addressing the challenges and finding solutions for the demanding task of insulating 150-foot-tall ductwork and external piping on the Dominion Energy High Voltage Lab (HVL) Building in Petersburg, Virginia.


The Challenge

Dominion Energy, a leading energy company based in Virginia that supplies electricity to parts of Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina, needed a contractor – but not just any contractor. They needed a contractor capable of insulating the towering external piping and ductwork on their HVL Building. And they needed it done safely – there were great safety concerns due to the height and electrical dangers involved in this monumental task. Given the extreme heights involved in insulating 150-foot-tall ductwork and piping, the safety of all Dominion staff, ACI workers, MultiService crew, and all other persons was of the utmost importance.

There were also unforeseen complications that arose. Limited lift access to the highest portions of the structure created logistical challenges in access. This required innovative problem-solving – ACI needed a solution that could adapt to these challenges and deliver high-quality results. And we happily rose to the challenge.

Custom scaffolding solution allows worker to insulate industrial ductwork 150-ft-tall


Our Solution

MultiService Industrial’s expertise and experience allowed us to step in and provide a comprehensive solution. To safely complete the job and mitigate electrical risks, we utilized specialized materials, including rubber gaskets and fiberglass supports. We also brought in custom scaffolding solutions that provided us access to hard-to-reach areas, allowing us to fully insulate the 150-foot-tall ductwork and piping.

We implemented a multifaceted approach:

  • Safety First: Working at such heights demanded rigorous safety measures. Our highly trained crew strictly adhered to safety protocols, ensuring everyone’s well-being throughout the project.
  • Adaptability and Expertise: Limited lift access presented a major obstacle, but our team devised innovative solutions to ensure complete insulation coverage. This included pre-cutting numbered pieces of duct wrap to create custom sleeves to cover the entire structure.
  • Turnkey Service: We provided a complete solution, covering all aspects of the insulation process, from material selection (including special rubber gaskets for electrical dangers) to final installation.
Industrial Insulation by MultiService Industrial is seen on 150-ft-tall ductwork


The Result

The project was a great success. Despite the project’s complexity, we were able to complete the job on time, and, most importantly, safely. ACI, the contracting firm, said that they were highly satisfied with the quality of our work and the efficiency of our team. Despite minor budget adjustments and the additional challenges with access, the project was completed as scheduled. Our ability to demonstrate the value we bring to complex industrial jobs also paved the way for future collaborations and referrals, including substantial projects like a $1.2 million Virginia State University job.

Piping outside the Dominion Energy HVL Building is seen covered in high-quality insulation installed by MultiService Industrial


Looking for a Partner to Conquer Your Next Challenge?

Our successful completion of the Dominion Energy HVL Building project demonstrates our expertise and experience – two key ingredients that allow us to tackle your toughest industrial insulation challenges. With a proven track record of tackling complex industrial insulation challenges, we are a reliable partner for businesses seeking top-tier solutions. Whether it’s addressing unique insulation requirements, navigating logistical hurdles, or ensuring safety compliance, we deliver quality results that exceed expectations.

Trust MultiService to safeguard your industrial infrastructure with precision, efficiency, and quality craftsmanship, regardless of size or complexity. From navigating extreme heights to implementing innovative solutions for unforeseen obstacles, our commitment to safety, adaptability, and quality service is unwavering. Contact us today to discuss your insulation needs and experience the difference firsthand.

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