Henrico Doctors’ Hospital Enlists Industry Experts to Insulate Large Diameter Pipe

How our technicians exceeded quality expectations on a challenging installation

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Client: Henrico Doctors’ Hospital

Application: Commercial piping insulation

Challenge: Uncommonly large piping, strict scheduling

Solution: Industry experience and attention to detail


  • Successful installation of multilayer piping insulation
  • Project completed on time
  • High-quality work that showcased the technicians’ skill

The Challenge

Insulating an uncommon pipe size within a tight deadline

Patient comfort is crucial in healthcare facilities, meaning they must have quality piping insulation to achieve a steady indoor temperature. At Henrico Doctors’ Hospital in Richmond, their iron piping was larger than typical commercial pipe sizes—and it needed insulation before winter to stop the heat from escaping.

Henrico Doctors’ Hospital

Location: Richmond, Virginia
Established: 1974
Size: 340 beds
Facilities: Emergency services, cancer center, pediatrics, women’s hospital, robotic surgery, intensive care

The hospital’s uncommon pipe size and the impending cold weather were obstacles. Because applying the insulation required several days between steps, the facility needed an experienced contractor who could do the custom job properly, and on time.

Hospital administrators turned to local experts at MultiService Industrial. With years of commercial insulation experience and a commitment to safety and quality, MultiService was ready for the challenge.

Leveraging Industry Experience

Efficiency, safety, and quality—work that stands out

Thorough planning was crucial for the insulation project at Henrico Doctors’ Hospital. The work needed to fit into a tight schedule: two months to complete. At every step, MultiService impressed the customer with their quality work.

Large piping displays an insulator’s skill—mistakes are much more apparent on a 20-inch diameter pipe than a three-inch pipe. At Henrico Doctors’ Hospital, the majority of the pipe that required insulation was 16-20 inches.

The MultiService technicians put their experience to the test. They adapted the pipe insulation around valves, flanges, and pumps, drawing on their skills and the hands-on insights from previous successful projects.

Results & Successes

Superior insulation for a superior facility

The piping insulation project at Henrico Doctors’ Hospital went smoothly and to schedule. Insulation is not typically considered “beautiful,” but that’s precisely how the client described the work completed by MultiService.

Installed on black iron piping ranging from 3-20 inches in diameter:

  • Two-inch fiberglass insulation
  • Vapor barrier sealed at each seam for a watertight seal
  • 0.016-inch stucco embossed aluminum jacketing
  • 0.5-inch aluminum bands every 12 inches
  • Caulking in the seams for redundancy

For Henrico Doctors’ Hospital, providing quality medical care is the top priority. Their outstanding medical services have been recognized with awards from Truven Health Analytics, Healthgrades, and many more.

Their devotion to offering the best care possible aligns with MultiService Industrial’s mission to provide customers exceptional value on every project.

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