MultiService Coronavirus Preparedness and Prevention

A Message to All Our Valued Partners


As we all rally together to combat the spread of the COVID-19 virus, we wanted to provide our partners an update on the status of our workforce and materials as to how they may or may not impact ongoing projects.

Our COVID-19 Management Plan

Our company launched Coronavirus Preparedness Actions in mid-February. The focus of this plan is on Employee and crew Wellness and Health, with the goal of protecting our employees and those with whom they may come into contact at worksites and at home in their personal lives. We are also putting into practice medical expert recommended protocols in order to protect our employee’s health and help contain the virus spread.

Specifically, in our Company’s Wellness standards and protocols, immediate medical attention is available should any employee exhibit sign of illness. We intend quick action to address any unusual personal health issues in order to protect our workforce and any jobsite that we may be working on. Should the illness put the employee and others at risk, they will be required to remain home, self-quarantined until such time that they are cleared by a doctor to return to work.

As of today, MultiService is currently operating at 100% workforce and continuing to service all project obligations. We have ample equipment on the ground ready for deployment on any current or new projects.

In the unfortunate event of an adverse Coronavirus impact on workforce availability, we will collaboratively and professionally manage through this unprecedented circumstance with our customer-partners. Communication on any such project schedule conditions will be clearly and immediately handled, which we hope with our Employee Wellness Plan will be limited to none.

We appreciate your continued project partnership and look forward to soldiering through this crisis together.


Roger Jetton


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