Renovation Trouble at a Retirement Home

completed work on exterior mechanical insulationA large upscale retirement community in Short Pump, Virginia, underwent an extensive renovation project in 2021. Halfway through the project, it became clear that there were major issues with the trades coordinating mechanical and insulation work.

In November of 2021, contractor Fixture Specialists Inc. (FSI) turned to MultiService to help sort out this mess. Their reputation for quality, safety, and on-time delivery made them the insulator of choice to get this job back on track.

The Challenge

Many mechanical contractors try to insulate the pipe and ductwork they install to save money. This method may work when times are slow, the schedule is pushed out, or the scope is general.

However, for this retirement community renovation project—the insulation was specific, the schedule fast, and the mechanicals had a hard enough time finding employees to run their piping.

The tight deadlines coupled with a large-scale project of this size would typically require a month of planning and preparation to get ready for the phase-out. However, MultiService had only two hours to plan, buy material, and start insulating the day they got the job.

In addition to the 2-hour preparation time frame, MultiService had to play catchup as the insulation aspect of this project was way behind schedule. Needless to say, they had their work cut out for them.

An Ongoing Solution

Fixture Specialists Inc. decided to hire MultiService based on a positive referral from another mechanical contractor (Green Air). The scope of the project includes:

  • Hot water piping
  • Cold water piping
  • Chilled water
  • Supply/return ductwork
  • Outside air ductwork
  • Condensate piping

The Result

completed work on interior mechanical insulationAs of June 26th, 2022, the project is still ongoing. Multiservice is on building 3 of 15, and Fixture Specialists are thrilled with the progress on this project. 

The general contractor of the project also provided MultiService with an unrelated job opportunity based on their ability to coordinate and satisfy another on-site mechanical contractor.

Industrial Insulation Services For Your Project

Let MultiService Industrial provide your business with insulation services for your next construction, extension, or repair project. 

In addition to our on-time and on-budget work, we place a special emphasis on our safety culture—which has won us several awards over the past few years.

Our highly trained team brings a wide range of experience across many industries. Contact us below for more information.


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