Calcium Silicate is the ideal insulation for high-temperature, demanding industrial applications like those for tanks, pipes, and vessels in petrochemical and power generating plants and refineries.

MultiService Industrial can install, upgrade, or repair your old insulation using Calcium Silicate, which will protect and preserve existing infrastructure, maximize efficiencies, reduce costs, and keep your facility and equipment in compliance with regulatory requirements.


The Benefits of Calcium Silicate Insulation

insulation in a high-temperature industrial applicationCalcium Silicate (CalSil) is a naturally derived lightweight chalky substance used for high-temperature and fire protectant insulation applications in industrial facilities. It is available in preformed blocks, pipes, and boards and can safely withstand temperatures up to 1200°F (650°C).

Here are some of the many benefits of using Calcium Silicate for high-temperature industrial applications:

Low thermal conductivity

One primary requirement of insulation material is to minimize heat transmission, and Calcium Silicate’s ability to do that is excellent. It has a very low thermal conductivity property, so its insulating effectiveness is high.

As with most other insulation materials, Calcium Silicate’s ability to minimize heat transmission increases with thickness. For example, a two-inch Calcium Silicate board has more than twice the insulating value of a one-inch product.

Because of this, Calcium Silicate is available in a wide range of sizes and densities to meet any industrial need.

Fire-resistance and non-combustibility

All construction and insulation materials must provide a suitable margin of fire safety. Codes and test standards set the minimum level of overall building fire safety and performance for specific construction materials and assemblies.

Calcium Silicate insulation delivers an exceptionally high level of inherent fire resistance compared to other industrial insulations, with a Class A rating for Flame Spread/Smoke Developed and a non-combustible (ASTM E136) designation.

Compressive strength

In addition to its fire protectant and thermal insulation abilities, Calcium Silicate is also known for its exceptionally high strength and durability. It has the highest compressive strength (greater than 100 psi) of all insulation materials for industrial applications, which provides excellent noise reduction and the ability to withstand even the harshest conditions.

Flexural strength

Calcium Silicate’s flexural strength (greater than 50 psi) is also one of its greater attributes. This quality gives it the ability to withstand damage from impact and vibration caused by high-temperature steam flow around pipes, valves, and other flow restriction orifices.

MultiService Industrial for Your Insulation Installation

Calcium Silicate is a rigid and highly compressible material with low thermal conductivity, making it appropriate for demanding, high-temperature environments. When installed by MultiService Industrial, you’ll get a job done right the first time.

Our team is experienced and skilled in working in industrial manufacturing environments. We know the risks and priorities in maintaining safety and cleanliness throughout the project, and we’re committed to superior quality, safety, and reliability on every job.

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